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Biomental Whey Premium Protein - Protein for Enhanced Strength & Recovery

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🌱 Elevate your post-workout routine with our Biomental Chocolate Whey Protein Powder, meticulously formulated to deliver top-notch nutrition for enhanced recovery and growth. 

🌱 Crafted with the finest whey protein isolate, our blend ensures premium post-exercise benefits while maintaining a non-GMO formula to accommodate diverse needs. 

🌱 Savor the indulgent taste in every shake, as our protein powder promises satisfaction without compromising on flavor. 

🌱 Stand out from the rest with our zero artificial flavors and sweeteners, embracing the natural goodness of our premium ingredients without any unwanted additives. 

🌱 Each 2-pound (32-ounce) container offers abundant servings of fitness nutrition, empowering you to reach your goals effectively with Biomental by your side. Experience the difference in every scoop.

Weight: 2 Pounds
Dose: 1 Scoop

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Enhanced Mental Performance

Formulated for people to restore and enhance energy levels, to reduce stress, to improve cognitive function, to evoke and maintain strong mental focus.

Contains Rhodiola, Green Tea, and Ginseng

Our formulas are packed with benefitial nutrients for your body. All of them are well known adaptogens and antioxidants, commonly used for positive physical effects such as enhanced mental focus, improved memory, improved alertness, and more.

Rhodiola rosea (en. Roseroot, de. Rosenwurz, fi. Ruusujuuri, sv. Rosenrot, no. Rosenrot). Original photo: Rásttigáisá, Finnmark, Norway. 15.7.2015.
We're Biomental

We're a natural-first company where we believe that mind and body health is of the utmost importance. Staying vigorous, strong, focused, and healthy are some of the fundamentals for a great life.

All our formulas are backed by our team of experts in human nutrition. Look no further.